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We know your business is your passion, from your employees to your possessions. As a company that has been in business for half a century and values our assets enormously, we know how vital commercial security and fire protection is.

Let us help you protect it.

Reliable fire and security protection not only provides you with ultimate peace of mind, but it shows your employees how much you value them and your business. The first time our fast-acting monitoring system stops an attempted theft or fire in its tracks, you’ll be thrilled you got in touch with S.E.M. Security Systems for your commercial fire and security needs.

Because we custom-design and install UL listed and certified systems to meet your specific code requirements, S.E.M. Security Systems offers all the protection you need. From System Design to Installation, Video Surveillance, Access Control, and 24/7 Monitoring – it is all brought to you from under one roof.

Security Systems

When you’re looking for security solutions for your business, you want the best business security company you can find in New Jersey, New York area. Wasting time and money on a security system for your business shouldn’t even have to be a question. Commercial security system companies that offer cookie-cutter solutions will not give you the protection you need, and you may not find that out until it’s too late.

S.E.M. Security Systems is among the best commercial security companies in New Jersey, New York area because we customize your security system to your business’s needs. When you hire S.E.M. Security Systems as your alarm company business, plan to work with our security consultants for the ideal solutions to protect your company and assets most effectively. Allow our quality systems and local, professional, customer-driven responsive service at S.E.M. Security Systems to solve your custom security needs from start to finish.

Different businesses have different challenges. Some may be more vulnerable to outside intrusion, while others have greater needs for access control. Some companies may need more motion sensors, while others have more significant video surveillance requirements. When you choose S.E.M. Security Systems, we will assess your business security needs to find the ideal solution.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Fire safety standards are in place to protect you, your business, employees and your customers. Most jurisdictions have fire safety standards, and a number of fire safety precautions must be followed for a business to open its doors. At SEM Security Systems, Inc., one of the top fire alarm and security companies in New York/New Jersey, we specialize in meeting even the most stringent fire code requirements.

Preparation is one of the most important steps in keeping your business, your customers and your employees safe in the event of a fire. A fire alarm system is the best way to prepare your business, and as a commercial alarm company, our top priority is saving lives in the event of a fire emergency.

We offer installation & monitoring of:

• Commercial fire alarm panels
• Smoke detectors
• Beam Smoke detectors
• Heat detectors
• Wireless transmitters
• Pull stations
• Remote zone annunciators
• Warning horns, bells, alarms, & strobe lights

Fire Alarm Testing

Your commercial fire alarm system must be operating correctly to properly protect the occupants, business and property. The only way to ensure correct operation is to test and maintain your system on a regular basis. Keeping good records on the system is very important. The records must include not only the installation, programming, and sequence of operation, but the testing of the system as well. The records of any test must be maintained until the time of the next test and then for 1 year after that test. In addition, if the system transmits signals to an off-site monitoring facility, the records of all signals, tests, and operations must be maintained for not less than 1 year. 

We test & visually inspect as per NFPA72:

• Panel functionality, LED’s, and fuses
• Panel battery charger
• Battery discharge
• Horns, strobes, chimes, and bells
• Smoke detectors
• Heat detectors
• Duct smoke detectors
• Voice evacuation equipment
• Sprinkler Waterflow Devices
• Other Supervisory Devices such as low temp, valve tampers, flood detectors

All our testing documents are stored online or in-house for easy access. We use Building to keep records on your specific Fire Alarm System.

Please give us a Call Today for a quote on Testing and Monitoring.  NJ 201-868-4477 or NY 845-986-0336

Camera Surveillance

Advanced Camera Surveillance Technology Designed, Installed and Serviced by Experts. 

Camera surveillance systems that allow you to focus on your day-to-day business operations while SEM keeps focused on your business.

Our advanced business security surveillance help keep your business safe behind the scenes. We offer indoor/outdoor, 4K resolution camera options, day and night dome cameras, license plate reading cameras and specialty cameras. All of these options are commercial products designed to endure the elements and provide you with the video surveillance you need when you need it.

We design, install, train your personnel and maintain these surveillance systems at the following types of locations. Food production and distribution facilities, manufacturing facilities, industrial production facilities, car dealerships, remote car storage lots, medical centers, retail outlets, restaurants, grocery stores, shopping centers, as well as many other types of businesses in general. Additionally, we provide these camera surveillance systems at hangars located at Teterboro Airport.

A camera security surveillance system is not effective if they are not working correctly. That’s why we offer quality products in conjunction with annual, semi-annual, quarterly and monthly system visits tailored to ensure dependable performance, factory and industry trained service personnel.

SEM Security is a Bosch Certified Dealer and we install and service all major brands that provide:

• High Definition indoor/outdoor, day and night dome cameras

• Panoramic Cameras with 360-degree view and recording

• Exterior and 4K resolution camera options available

• Commercial grade Network Video Recorders (NVRS) with storage

• Edge Recording and Cloud Storage Systems

• Remote app control included (PC, iOS, Android)

• Same/next day repair coverage

• Annual system visits to ensure maximum performance

• System Evaluations and camera demonstrations provided upon request

The Benefits of Business Security Surveillance Cameras

Security camera surveillance systems are often purchased to prevent theft, but buyers also realize numerous other benefits from video surveillance. A quality security camera surveillance system for business can contribute to your peace of mind. The following are a few of the many benefits of choosing a security camera surveillance serviced by SEM Security Systems.

• Security camera surveillance systems help deter theft by outsiders or employees. Shoplifters with ill intentions are less likely to steal when they see cameras onsite.

• Video analytics allow you to view your customers buying behavior, including products they compare before making a purchase.

• Help to manage the overall safety of the employees as well as your customers. You can use recorded video to review bad or unsafe employee habits which will help you lead them to a safer work environment.

• Smart apps allow check-in at your business when you are away.

• Video footage can provide documented proof of a crime or accident. One of the more reliable types of evidence in the courtroom.

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Let S.E.M. Security Systems Be Your Fire Alarm and Business Security Company in NEW JERSEY and NEW YORK

Your search for business security system companies that understand your company’s needs in New Jersey and New York is over. 

S.E.M. Security Systems has served the security and fire alarm system requirements of New Jersey and New York businesses for 50 years, and we can do the same for you today.

If you don’t have adequate security or fire protection for your business, there’s no time to waste. A break-in or fire could happen at any time, and you do not want to be caught off-guard — especially when S.E.M. Security Systems has an easy, affordable solution.

Find out what sets us apart from other commercial alarm monitoring companies. S.E.M. Security Systems for a free security consultation or quote today.

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